Unit Charter

Out of Game Code of Conduct


  1. 1. Be respectful, whether the person you are speaking to is higher rank, lower rank, a member, a recruit, or a guest.
  2. 2. We welcome everyone. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination against groups such as specific religions, furries, etc have no place in this unit. Respectful jokes are permitted at the discretion of any affected party, but are to be ceased upon request. Severe offenses may result in removal from an operation or the unit.
  3. 3. When joining a voice channel with other members, give a moments pause to avoid interrupting a conversation that may be ongoing.
  4. 4. Do not harass users with repeated pokes and mentions on the Discord.
  5. 5. While a guest of another unit (teamspeak/operation/etc), members are asked to conduct themselves with professionalism and abide by the rules of that unit.
  6. 6. NSFW content is prohibited on the teamspeak, and in any channel on the discord not explicitly rated for NSFW content. We have a wide ranging international community, and a subset of our population has not reached the age of consent in their respective region.
  7. 7. Poaching (the practice of messaging members of our Discord, Teamspeak, or Unit to recruit without express and explicit authorization) is prohibited on our Discord, and is a bannable offense. Members are asked to contact S-1, a recruiter, or a member of Command if they are solicited for another unit.
  8. 8. In the event of an argument, de-escalate as best you can. If required, contact your CO/XO, or next highest in the chain of command to help resolve the issue. 
  9. 9. Discussion of controversial topics such as politics and religion is prohibited. These topics are worthy of discussion, but this is not the forum for them. Where we are an international unit with a wide variety of ethnicities, nationalities, religions, beliefs, genders and sexualities, there is too much potential for a conversation to become heated and argumentative.


In-Game Code of Conduct 

  1. 1. We are a Semi-Serious Starsim. Outside of the game, we are casual. Inside of the game, we follow the conventions of a MilSim/StarSim community within reason. We are neither a fully casual unit nor a hardcore MilSim; members are asked to find the middle ground between these two positions and to respect the views of those who may take it more or less seriously.
  2. 2. Within the game, it is expected that all members will obey their chain of command. You are free to discuss with leadership as appropriate, however their order is final. Anyone deliberately disobeying orders or proving disruptive to other members experiences may be removed from the operation at the discretion of the Zeus or Command.
  3. 3. In general, members may only carry equipment from one MOS at a time. For example - a member can not be a Pilot with a marksman rifle and an AT Launcher. Furthermore, members must have the appropriate certification for any equipment they are carrying. Any member found to be in violation of this rule will be asked to change their kit. Repeat offenders may be removed from the operation.
  4. 4. The following rules on vehicles apply:
    • - Any ground element may use light vehicles (Warthogs, BARC speeders, etc) at the discretion of their chain of command.
    • - Command may authorize general use of heavy armor vehicles in limited circumstances - such as when no Clone Pilot from Centurion is available to take the role, or when additional armor is required.
    • - The use of aviation assets is strictly limited to trained and approved Clone Pilots in the Arcadia Aviation section.
  5. 5. While we are a StarSim unit, rank is not an excuse to be disrespectful. We are members of a community first and troopers second.
  6. 6. As a general rule, the following times apply to most operations.
    • - T-45 - Command elements and pilots load in and prepare their kits and aircraft up to 45 minutes in advance
    • - T-30 - Command briefing to review the objectives, ask questions, and finalize strategy 30 minutes in advance
    • - T-15 - General members load in and prepare their kits and report to the briefing area 15 minutes in advance
    • - T-0 - General briefing occurs at operation start time.
    • - T+5 - Operation commences and troops deploy 5 minutes after start time.
  7. 7. Do not ping the Zeus' repeatedly. A single ping is authorized in an emergency. Otherwise, ask your chain of command to contact the Zeus callsign 'Advisor'.
  8. 8. Similarly, the use of the in-game chat feature is strictly prohibited. This is the point of having mods like TFAR to limit ability to speak while out of range or dead. The only exception to this is to reach Advisor in the event of a TFAR issue.
  9. 9. In the unlikely event of a server failure:
    1. 1. All members will be pulled to the standby channel and informed of the pause.
    2. 2. Zeus's and command elements will meet to discuss the failure and whether the problem can be fixed within ten minutes (with 5 minutes additional to setup the operation).
    3. 3. If the problem can be fixed, members will be informed that the operation will resume within 15 minutes, and not to reconnect until instructed by their chain of command. If the problem can not be fixed in this time, members will be informed that the operation is cancelled.
    4. 4. Once the Zeus has cleared members to resume the mission, members will reconnect, grab kit, and report to the briefing area. The Zeus will replicate the operation as best they are able, provide a quick SITREP, and teleport members to the closest area in the mission to resume.
  10. 10. Soundboards and/or music playing (except by the Zeus's) is not allowed during operations, as it interferes with our ability to stream ops and promote the unit.
  11. 11. While onboard a transport flight, troopers should be on channel MISC 3 and keep to essential communication only. During take off, landing, or combat scenarios, the pilot may call for mission critical conversation only by calling for a 'STERILE COCKPIT'. This is automatic within 2km of destination.


Conduct of the Command Council (Structure, Standing Orders, By-Laws) 

The Command Council is formed by leadership members throughout the unit, or members who at the discretion of command are deemed leaders in the community in other ways such as S-Shops. The CO of the ground element, the Medical Corps, and the Aviation section have a guaranteed seat on the council, as does the Unit Leader if not otherwise seated. Decisions impacting the unit are brought before the council as motions - either by the member or on behalf of someone in the general membership. Each council member is expected to vote yay or nay on a given motion in a timely manner, with the member who proposed the motion assumed to have voted yay. A simple first-past-the-post majority (51%) is required to pass a motion. In the event of a tie, the Unit Leader will cast a second vote. In select cases, a substantial motion may call for a vote of the general assembly.  

A Motion of No Confidence can be made against any member on the council, and requires a 2/3rds majority to pass. If passed, the member is expected to step down as soon as reasonably possible. If passed against a guaranteed seat, this also removes the member from their slotted position unless the council opts to select another representative from the section instead (Presumably the XO would then take the seat). If the Unit Leader is voted out, a transition of assets such as the Discord and supporting accounts will occcur within a timely manner not to exceed one month.

In the event of extraordinary circumstances such as inability to achieve quorum (in other words, a situation where 50% or more of the council is unavailable to vote), a member may make an incidental Motion to Suspend Rules. This is an emergency measure which suspends normal voting rules in order to keep the unit moving. It is a time limited measure, and it is expected that any motions passed using this method will be discussed and voted on when quorum is achieved.

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